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    by Nick Taylor
    Thursday 5th November 2015

  • Welcome to our latest update, quite a lot has changed since my last article so here is a much needed update to what's going on in store, online and with events.


    Although there haven't been many changes to the website over the last few months we have been working hard behind the scenes on layout improvements. The goals over the next few months are to improve the look and feel of the overall site. This will include fewer clicks to get to the page you are after and less clutter on the pages.

    Current plans include

    Improve event details including searching for events, more preregistration and improved layout.
    Improve the event reporting We aim to offer copies of deck lists for as many events as we can and full results posted on the site with automated X-League points. We aim to provide electronic pairings in future.
    Improve the articles section Earlier in the year we had a glitch which affected old articles. These will be reposted and made searchable.
    Shopping cart functionality We will be adding this to the website in the first quarter of 2016.
    Improve social media links We'll be tidying our article data to improve the previews on social media.

    Below are some early stage screen shots showing the initial prototype of the new events pages.

    Events - Week Night Events

    We have made changes during the year to the store weeknight structure and now feel we have a solid prize structure in place with store credit options for the winners and we're still including FNM/SCG Game Night promos each week.

    Wednesday nights have been running very smoothly pretty much since we started running them back in the beginning. Attendance has been good and we'll be keeping the alternating Standard and draft going with the odd cube/flashback draft thrown in.

    Fridays have been a bit hit or miss over the last 3-4 months. Drafts have been pretty consistent throughout, but the Modern/Standard nights have been very inconsistent. The only changes we plan to make in the run up to Christmas are to add some special Christmas formats to throw a little more fun in the mix. The revised December FNM schedule:

    4th December 2HG Battle for Zendikar draft
    11th December Standard and Legacy FNM
    18th December Cube Draft FNM

    If you like them, then let us know and we'll look at throwing in some more throughout 2016.

    Pathfinder now happens every Thursday, which allows us more space for Magic on both Wednesday and Friday (although we still have 1 RPG table on a Wednesday night). This means both FNM and Pathfinder have more room to expand, with the opportunity to run smaller events on a Thursday. The last Thursday of the month X-Wing will continue to run unaffected (except December where it will move to 17th December due to Christmas Day/New Year's Day).

    Events - Weekend Events

    The weekend events have been affected quite a bit by the PPTQs this year. This year was always going to be a bit of an unknown with the introduction of the new system and we've had to be a bit more flexible with some of our events. This has caused some events to have the numbers affected. We will be reviewing the schedule over the next few weeks ready for next year's schedule.

    We'll be continuing the monthly modern with a change to the prize structure, moving to singles credit over specific cards. This allows players more variety in what they can take as prizes. Additionally we'll be working on a Quarterly Legacy for next year (we'll be kicking it off this year with a trial event before next year's details are announced).


    So we've been in the new unit for a little over 2 months and things are nearly where we want them to be. There have been a lot of small changes here and there throughout the last few months with most of them concluded now. The singles stock is nearly where it needs to be to find all cards again (apologies if orders have been a little slower than normal), most of the board game and accessories stocks have been replenished and the singles on the front desk have been tidied up. We still have a little bit of work to be done on the singles in the office and behind the desk, but essentially it's all accessible again. Foil folders are now back out and being updated regularly. You can also expect buy lists to be available in store in a week or so.

    Streaming is returning to the store! We've finally got to a position where we're able to get the streaming equipment back out (essentially we've stopped moving stuff around). We've spent Wednesday 4th November working on the streaming area. Initial stream worked well with a few tweaks required. We'll be streaming every event for the foreseable future (yes, we hope to include Spoils and X-Wing in this).

    With all of the changes over the past year we'll be changing the opening hours. With the later finishes the initial opening times required a little adjustment as well as the closing times on days when we're not open in the evening. With that said, from Monday 9th November we'll be operating the following opening hours:

    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 12:00pm 5:30pm
    Wednesday: 12:00pm 10:00pm
    Thursday: 12:00pm 10:00pm
    Friday: 12:00pm 1:00am
    Saturday: 10:00am 5:30pm
    Sunday (events*): 10:00am 4:00pm

    *We're now open on most Sundays of the month (usually closed on one of them dependent on the event schedules). If there is an event on a Sunday, then we'll be open. We will remain open for as long as a tournament is going on, but please note that the store may close shortly after the resolution of the event if it's after the closing time.

    Finally we'll be getting all of the store blue boards updated with event details on them. We'll be installing honours board in the store at some point (further details on these to come). The store etiquette signs will receive a quick update and be back up this week too, please respect them.


    So that just leaves next year and what's to look forward to. Well we'll have to keep that under wraps for another week or 2 whilst we finalize things, but you can expect all of the good things from this year with a mix of new things next year......

    Nick Taylor

    Nick now spends most of his time running Xtreme Trades and has certainly curtailed his competitive Magic playing for the time being. However, if there's a draft slot going and is free he's more than happy to join in.

    Best Gaming Performance? GP London 2011 top 8, played multiple Pro Tours, a World Championships and European Championships.

    Favourite Format? Draft

    Favourite Deck? TEPS or any form of old extended storm decks.

    Lifetime Pro Points: 23